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A Closer Look: The Five of Cups

Where is your focus? Is it on something that is no longer serving you or perhaps it is on something that you no longer hold? There is no amount of sadness that will ever be able to refill those now empty cups, however, you still hold something of great value in regards to your emotional well-being that may be overlooked or overshadowed by grief or a sense of loss.

The Five of Cups can lead to a new beginning, to finding a new direction as you move away from the past and into the future. It is by acknowledging the pain and allowing time to mourn that the healing can begin.

In the Crow Tarot, a new path forms between the trees however you will need to cross the river (emotions) to move forward. There will be obstacles (the mountains) however there is a light rising above the mountains to signal a new day and with it hope.

For the Wise Dog, the focus is on the emotions (the puddle) that are stirred up by the loss symbolized by the fallen cups. The way to healing comes from within and when you extend kindness inward you will feel guided by your intuition (the little bird.) The illuminated cups represents an opportunity for growth and enlightenment as you become better acquainted with your higher-self.

The Grimalkin Tarot shows the cat focused on three fallen dry cups that represent emptiness and although they may provide a little entertainment in regards to play they offer little in the way of nourishment. In contrast, there are two cups overflowing with milk (spiritual and emotional well-being, food for the soul.) The sun is rising above the cups, illuminating each one, revealing what they are, what they truly offer and because of this the sun not only represents a new beginning it also removes any disillusionment.

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