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A Closer Look: The Four of Cups

Is it apathy, or perhaps instead, it is a knowing that what is being offered isn't a benefit that prevents the crow, the dog, or the cat from taking a new opportunity?

The Four of Cups for the Crow Tarot shows the bird gazing at the cup, unlike the Wise Dog and the Grimalkin, where the dog and cat ignore it. The crow, after all, does appreciate shiny objects! However, whether or not it recognizes the value, if there is any is still in question. When the Four of Cups appears in a reading using the Crow Tarot, you may want to consider if the answer you need is right in front of your face, yet you aren't able to see or appreciate it for what it is. Are you mesmerized by the shininess of it but unaware of what it truly holds? There is snow falling on the Crow Tarot card, indicating a loss of visibility or an inability to see something clearly. There is also a lush green tree denoting abundance and an opportunity for growth. The tree in all three decks is a call out to Buddha, who meditated while sitting under a tree.

The tree on the Wise Dog Tarot, however, lost its leaves and represents a time of being dormant while simultaneously growing as well. Here Gypsy, our dog ambassador for the Wise Dog, is focused on the Cups beside her and ignores the call of the bird with the fourth cup. For the Wise Dog, this card speaks more about feeling bored and disconnected than my other two decks. The colors are more cooling and give off a melancholy vibe. The solution is there; however, it may go unnoticed because the timing isn't right or your focus is directed elsewhere.

The cat for the Grimalkin Tarot deck is surely sending off a strong "MEH" message when it comes to that bright shiny cup. It's lack of appreciation almost oozes off the card. Like a displeased teenager, this cat is saying—whatever. However, the roots offer a clue about this cat in that it is secure in its place, it feels grounded, and because of this, it is self-aware enough to know when an opportunity is one that is worth pursuing and when an opportunity offers little or nothing of real value.

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