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A Closer Look: The Ten of Wands

Some days just feel more difficult than others and not because of any one obstacle in particular, no its more like a combination of events that come together to create a feeling of being weighed down, of being tripped up, of being stretched to capacity. Today's card is the Ten of Wands and although while we are buried in the struggle it may be hard to see a path out, what this card shows us goes beyond the apparent problem solving, this card is about expanding our creativity, its about rising up to a challenge or knowing our limitations so that we can move into a new direction.

The Ten of Wands for the Crow Tarot asks if you have the strength to do the heavy lifting. Is your creative mind working for or against you here? Does the load seem heavier and more cumbersome because maybe you aren't so excited about a project now that you realize all the work it is going to take? Or perhaps it's all you ever wanted, and because of this, you have that ability to talk yourself into taking it on, letting that internal coach inspire you from within as you convince yourself that you can do it!

When I created the Ten of Wands for the Wise Dog, I imagined little Teddy, a chihuahua who bravely set out into the deep dark woods to get the treasured red stick. His big ears amplify all of the sounds of the forest and his creative mind; as a result, he transformed the forest into a darker scarier place. Because of this, the path became more challenging to navigate. A situation can become instantly more complicated, more intimidating if the story we tell ourselves is one that is centered around fear. But Teddy is brave, and because of this, not only does he find his treasured stick, the next time he goes through the forest, the sounds will be less frightening. When this card appears in a reading, you may want to consider you are creating obstacles out of fear or an assumption based on a story your creative mind created?

The Grimalkin Tarot, although similar in that there is a challenge or obstacle that needs to be overcome, the problem is one that comes from a lack of creativity or an unwillingness to see the signs that will help you find the solution you need to solve your problem. This cat isn't able to see that there are other ways of obtaining its goal because its stubborn and committed to a plan that is far more difficult than it needs to be. An example of this would be someone who is using a regular screwdriver to build a desk, and it's taking forever and is difficult; meanwhile, there is an electric screwdriver 10 feet away that will make the task so much easier, yet the person won't go get it!

If it weren't for the Ten of Wands we wouldn't grow, we wouldn't be challenged, we wouldn't discover that grit and perseverance within and we would never experience that wonderful feeling that comes from looking back and thanking the heavens above that we went through that experience because out of the strain, out of the darkness inspiration was born and with it new ideas emerged.

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