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General Reading for the Collective Dec 10th

Good morning!

Talk about being caught up in a flurry of activity. I made this video about an hour ago and I am now just getting to creating the summary.

Have you have seen that movie Raising Arizona? Some days I feel like that old man at the bank ... add in some attention problems it can make for a hectic morning! HAHA

The Crow Tarot soars in with the Eight of Wands. The energy we are presented with this morning brings to our current situation a great deal of energy and motion as events will seem to come at you rather quickly. This will be an excellent time to push ahead full steam; however, you are going to need the stamina as well as concentration to ensure that you don't get lost in all the activity. Mistakes can happen when you try to move too quickly (I can attest), but if you are in control and allow the wind to push you along, you will find that you will clear obstacles with grace and ease.

The Wise Dog Tarot comes to you as if called bringing the Three of Wands. Your capacity to remain composed during a time of swift activity will help attract a new opportunity. The road will be long, and it may seem uncertain at times; however, your gut/intuition will guide you. Stay focused on the end goal, even if you are not entirely confident of what it looks like as this will help you stay in a positive place while embarking (did you see what I did there? embarking—its the Wise Dog card!—hahaha) while embarking on a new adventure!

The Ten of Wands, (its a wand-fest over here this morning), comes in via the Grimalkin Tarot. The message this cat offers you is to not make a task or a situation more complicated than it needs to be. Yes, the goal may seem far away, but if you use your creative mind, you will discover that there are solutions that are right there in front of you that will help you get what you want. Use your creativity to create a vision that will allow you to explore other avenues as there are more roads to your desired destination than you may be able to perceive at the moment.



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