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General Reading for the Collective Dec 11th

Can you see the path before you? Where does it lead?

The Crow Tarot brings to our current situation an opportunity. A new path is unfurling in front of you, a track that, if you go down, will lead to a new beginning, a fresh start. The question is, are you following the signs that are being offered at this time? Are you holding back out of fear, waiting for this opportunity to come to you? The Ace of Wands in the present position indicates that the energy is just right for you to tap into, take notice, and see what is off in the distance. There is a new experience on the horizon that will challenge the status quo going on in your life right now. If you move forward and take note of the signs that are being offered, more will come, and with a skip, in your step down that road of possibilities, you will travel.

The Page of Pentacles arrives when you agree to take the first step. Lotus, the Wise Dog, will come as if called to help you slip into the mindset of belief, of feeling with your mind and your heart that you are worthy of obtaining your goal. Lotus asks that you visualize what you want to accomplish with clarity and conviction. When your intention and attention work in harmony, not only will you move down the path, the destination will move closer.

The cats roll in playing with The Four of Wands. Like the four knitting needles that serve as the wands when you work together with someone or a group of people who want to help you reach your goal, you will come together to create an atmosphere that is warm and comforting. There will be a reason to celebrate, to have fun, and to enjoy some serious playtime when you reach your goal. Let your friends and family take part as they too will benefit from your success.



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