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General Reading for the Collective Dec 12th

Good morning!

The energy is right for you to stand up and get into the spotlight! When you allow your creative mind to benefit others by developing ideas that solve a problem, you will find that not only those around you will appreciate your efforts you will also hoist yourself up firmly into the victory circle.

The Crow Tarot sets us up this morning, and if you put yourself out there, allow for some vulnerability, you will be rewarded. It can be intimidating, and without confidence, the spotlight is a scary place to stand but know that you will have the support and admiration of those who will, in the end, benefit from your ideas and plans. If there is a project at work and you know a better way to get the job done, speak up with confidence as the energy that is with us today will help give you the confidence you need to follow through with your vision.

When you are feeling backed and appreciated for your contributions, you naturally project a vibration that says that you feel empowered and capable of more. As a result, you will attract the fiery change-maker that is the Knight of Wands. The Wise Dog is bringing back the stick and will gleefully retrieve it again and again. With the combination of the Six of Wands and the Knight of Wands, you are attracting to you more reasons to feel stable in your place in the victory circle. Take note of all the new and better ideas that are bubbling over in your mind. When the Knight of Wands is present, it is hard not to feel enthusiastic about the future. Because of this, you will discover more reasons to feel secure as new events or opportunities to expand your position will start coming at you quickly.

The cats bring forward the Eight of Wands (again with the wands!), and the message here is to go with the flow, allow for events to move forward without friction. Try not to overcomplicate a situation and enable the events to move ahead as they are progressing quickly on their own. Stay focused on the goal as it is coming at you rapidly.



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