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General Reading for the Collective Dec 13th

Good morning!

Are you just rolling down the river without concern for where you are going or what lies ahead? Having faith in the Universe will help you send out positive vibes, but blind faith will leave you ill-prepared for any obstacles or rough rapids ahead.

The Crow Tarot starts us off this morning with the energy of the Fool. Being open to new experiences and limiting your expectations can make for a smooth journey through life; however, it can also lead down a path of apathy or reckless behavior. The Fool has faith that everything will work out as it should, and although yes, there is a complete sense of buoyancy that the Fool energy brings to our spirit, it can also create a directionless life. You may be telling the Universe that you are ready to move ahead quickly. Still, if there is a lack of commitment or action taken to obtain the goal, you may attract opportunities with all that positive thinking a bit too quickly to fully realize the potential.

The Wise Dog Tarot arrives as Pip is gliding through the air with ease, bringing with her new ideas and enthusiasm for reaching her goal. The sun is shining brightly and illuminates the path. You will find when you connect with the energy of the Eight of Wands, you will progress swiftly towards a goal. The key, however, will be to stay focused as life is moving very quickly at this time, and crucial details can be missed.

The Grimalkin Tarot appears as the Hermit in the tree. This quiet, contemplative cat asks that you not only have faith in the Universe but also yourself. Take time to connect with the wisdom you hold within and use this knowledge to help the Fool within you focus. When you use the powers of the Hermit and the Fool together, you will find your experience with the Eight of Wands will provide a much smoother ride.



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