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General Reading for the Collective Dec 16th

Good morning!

When we tap into the beneficial energies that the Star offers, we discover our self-talk shifts away from a negative tone to one that is far more empowering. You will feel confident that you are capable of handling a difficult situation. Taking a break to gather your thoughts or to rest from all the action or drama will enable you to gain some much needed mental and physical strength. Under the surface, things are still happening; your goals are still in the process of growing. When you heal yourself and acknowledge all the good that surrounds you, the stamina you need to push ahead will be there.

The Star from the Crow Tarot starts us off this morning. This energy is like a big ol' umbrella from the Universe. Sure, you can stand out in the rain and do just fine, or you can have a little protection and feel a lot more comfortable. It's funny how, when we feel comfortable, obstacles or setbacks that may have bothered us no longer dictate our day as their power is diminished. The energy of the Star washes away feelings of doubt and self-criticism and opens up the doors for uncovering new and positive possibilities. The quickest way I have found to step under the protective force of the Star is to wake up and think of three reasons I am grateful. The first one is that I even woke up in the first place! Now that I am 50, I feel like it's an odds game!

The Wise Dog brings to us the Four of Swords, and this pup knows when she has had too much time with the pack. Boundaries come into focus, and your ability to let go of any FOMO for the sake of resting your mind and body will enable you to regain your strength. Especially during the holidays, we all feel that expectation of being the perfect host/hostess, parent, guest, gift-giver, etc. and frankly, it can be exhausting! The Four of Swords is a reminder that we all need to direct some love and compassion inward by allowing downtime. The Star will help sedate the ego, and when combined with the Four of Swords, will give you space to retreat without fear or concern for how you think others will perceive your actions.

The Grimalkin Tarot sits in the advice position. The message the Knight of Pentacles brings to your situation is that this, my dear friend is not a sprint; it is a marathon, and for your goals to manifest, you will need the concentration and stamina to go the distance. You can not see what is growing under the surface, but still, you need to nurture the progress you have made thus far. When you allow yourself time to go over your thoughts, to rest up, and not let anyone derail your progress, you will find the tenacity to keep going with faith that your goal is attainable a whole lot easier.




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