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General Reading for the Collective Dec 3rd

Good morning!

The Crow, the Dog, and the Cat come together this morning to let you know that you are not alone, there is guidance offered for that which you desire. The pickle is, however, you will need to let go of fear, tame those wild thoughts, and accept that you are the one responsible for what you manifest.

The Nine of Pentacles from the Crow Tarot starts us off this morning. The energy of this card brings to our attention feeling abundant and in a place of comfort. When you direct your attention to all the resources you have at your disposal of all the good things that are there for your enjoyment, you will slip into a state of harmony, and as a result, you will raise your vibration. Give a little extra in the tip jar, order the side of avocado without worrying if it will break the bank, splurge on something you have wanted for some time. This is not to say be foolish with your money as the Nine of Pentacles speaks of taming your wild tendencies, whether that be hoarding resources or spending more than you have. The key here is to allow the feeling of abundance to take root in a way that is realistic for where you are at this moment.

When you feel comfortable and relaxed in the material world, your focus shifts away from survival mode, and your mind becomes open to accept new information. This is where the High Priestess from the Wise Dog Tarot enters as you are attracting her assistance at this time. If you pay attention, you will notice the signs she is sending to guide you.

The Page of Pentacles from the Grimalkin Tarot arrives in the advice position. Although It is the role of the High Priestess to guide you using her abilities to see through the veil, it is your responsibility to create a clear vision of the destination; otherwise, what she transmits back to you may not be you want. Your strength comes from being grounded and not allowing too much fantasy to override what is possible—a little imagination can help with the creative process. Still, too much can disconnect us from reality. When you aim high yet remained firm footed and allow your arms to stretch comfortably, the High Priestess will help you reach your goal.



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