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General Reading for the Collective Dec 4th

Good morning!

When you follow the clues the High Priestess is dropping at your feet, the path to a new opportunity will emerge. Taking the steps required to reach the goal, however, is up to you.

The energy affecting our decisions or impacting how we see the future is in the hands of the High Priestess. If you open yourself up to connecting with this fierce feminine force, you will move in a direction that offers the best opportunities for expanding your potential. Let go of the inner-skeptic and allow your intuition to take control because when you do, you will connect with High Priestess, who is transmitting messages from across the thin line of the veil.

As a result of the High-Priestess's influence, you are attracting the fiery and creative Ace of Wands. Gus, our dog ambassador for the Wise Dog, brings the message to use the signs and signals provided by the High Priestess as they are leading you to a new destination that will result in a fresh start or a novel opportunity. As events fall into place, you will be able to create with great detail a vision for something you desire, and in that vision, you will begin the process of bringing it even closer.

The Grimalkin Tarot brings the Magician to offer advice. The energy around you at this time is potent; don't waste it by letting it dissipate without taking action. The time is right to pull together all your resources and combine them to initiate a transformation. Just as it is the caterpillar who makes the cocoon for change, you, too, need to create the space for your transformation to take place.



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