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General Reading for the Collective Dec 6th

Well, we are entering the weekend with some heavy energy!

Good morning!

If you are experiencing lack or a sense of scarcity in your life right now, you may be willing to jump on the first opportunity for help offered without much consideration for the future. What you are obligated to repay may not even cross your mind, especially if the debt isn't due until for some time. However, the strings that come with the offer may be difficult to cut, and if you can't repay or reciprocate, you may find yourself in a position that is far more damaging.

The Six of Pentacles from the Crow Tarot in the present position indicates that you may be willing to accept help at this time because you are unable to see another solution. The assistance you get, however, may not come from a source that genuinely cares about your well-being. This may be a bank or a lender who preys on those who are desperate or a manipulative family member who knows you have nowhere else to turn for financial support. If you are feeling uneasy or concerned about financial matters right now, be aware of the vibe you are projecting because, like a moth to a flame, you will attract those who will see your desperation as an investment.

The Ten of Swords arrives by way of the Wise Dog, and what you are fetching right now as a result of the energy of the Six of Pentacles is an experience that will leave you feeling wounded. Any deal you make at this time should be scrutinized—leave emotion out of the decision-making process because an offer that may be coming to you is one that will be cold and calculating, and the person offering it doesn't care how you fair in this deal.

The Grimalkin Tarot brings the Five of Swords in the advice position. This is a very low vibration card, and because of this, the warning the cats bring back is to be aware of your actions. Your desire for a quick fix may have others questioning your motives, your intentions. You may be more open to compromise your integrity at this time, and although you may end up getting help, those around you would respect you more if you took the time to explore other options.

The inability to repay the debt or bad feelings that arise between you and the person who initially offered the help may bring about an experience tied to the Ten of Swords. However, the Ten of Swords may be the result of your relationships connected to the Five of Swords. Are you taking control of a situation that impacts others in such a way that it goes against what the group believes? Are you letting the ends justify the means and as a result, those around you feel isolated from the decision making process?

The cards today do not show what WILL happen; it just allows us to see what is possible, what energy is out there that will enable these events to unfold more smoothly. Just as understanding the King of Pentacles doesn't mean that if we go around complaining about money that a big bag of it will fall on our heads. We have to open the channel, tune in to the frequency of the King of Pentacles to attract it. In the end, we have the choice to take the deal or to be a jerk with those we care about, the energy of the Universe is just here to make it easier today.



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Sep 13, 2021

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