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General Reading for the Collective Dec 9th

Good morning!

This reading is a long one as that pesky Devil really threw me for a loop! Isn't that just how that energy operates, it lulls you into a false sense of security and then BAM its right there in your face! The overall message I get from the cards this morning is to be careful of how much of your power you give away, even if the person you are giving it to isn't operating from a nefarious place as it can lead to complacency. The reminder here is that you are on a path to creating security and feeling grounded, and that will come only when you are in control.

The Queen of Cups from the Crow Tarot starts us off this morning, and at first glance, it is an energy that is welcomed and appreciated. This may be someone who can help bridge a divide, someone who is a natural mediator, and as a result, they end up in the position of leader. The Queen of Cups has an innate ability to sense the emotions of others, and although they generally work to smooth out conflict, what can happen is that those around her will simply let her do all the ironing. Because of this, it is easy to let go of control, especially If you trust that this person has your best interest at heart.

The Devil from the Wise Dog enters as a warning as you are attracting an unhealthy or less-than-beneficial attachment. Using her gift of intuition, the Queen of Cups can sense when a disagreement is on the verge of creating friction, and because of this, she will use her powers to try and mitigate any strife. The Devil opens the door to make it more comfortable for the Queen of Cups to slip into manipulation. You may be tempted to just go with the flow, to let the Queen take control and dictate where you stand, sit, etc.. for the sake of keeping the peace. Over time it can lead to giving this person total control of a situation because there is an attachment to not making waves or disrupting the apple cart, so to speak.

Without some friction, you will find growth becomes limited.

Creating peace during difficult situations can be essential to move forward. The problem arises when you relinquish your control and rely too heavily on someone else to keep the peace even over small matters.

There is a risk of becoming powerless.

The Seven of Pentacles arrives by way of the Grimalkin Tarot and brings a reminder that your focus needs to be directed towards creating stability and security. This is a time to assess your situation. Are you planting strong roots that will support you in the long term, or are you just trying to survive each day? There is still more for you to gain in this life—are you settling for what you have because it has become easy? Take time to appreciate how far you have come and how much you have gained! Growth comes out of times when we needed to feel stress, as that is what sparked change or movement. The Queen of Cups may try to make things easier for you, she may try to keep the peace to the point where it holds back your growth. It is one thing to allow for some give and take; it is another to give over complete control to avoid confrontation.

Peace! MJ

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