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General Reading for the Collective December 24th

Good morning!

There is help out there for those who can clearly articulate the goals they want to achieve and the areas they need the much-needed support.

The Crow Tarot brings to our attention the Ten of Wands. If something is going to become difficult, the energy right now is making it easier for that to happen, or at least for us to perceive it to be that way. You may have started with grand ideas for what you wanted to accomplish, but as time went on, the tasks became more complicated, more cumbersome. It may be as simple as planning your holiday dinner. For example, a week ago, you may have felt pretty assured that you would put Martha Stewart to shame. Now, as the event is drawing near, you are hoping that at the very least, you will have something, anything to put on the table as it has become nothing short of a kitchen nightmare.

The Wise Dog brings the Queen of Pentacles to the rescue. This loving, kind, motherly energy will not allow your goals to be a flop, and because she has witnessed all the hard work you have invested, she is ready to lend a hand. The Queen of Pentacles brings new beginnings and breathes new life into a situation. You may find that this energy is one that comes from within as you push ahead with confidence that you will, at the last moment, find a creative solution to achieve your goal. This energy may also manifest as someone who comes to your aid as she may be a friend or family member who wants nothing more than to see you succeed.

The Grimalkin Tarot brings us the advice card this morning. The Page of Swords asks that you speak clearly, that you define your goals with utter clarity so that when it comes time to ask for help, you know exactly what needs to happen. With the Page of Swords, you won't be wishy-washy, no you will be able to direct those who are willing to help with complete precision. The message you send out when you tap into the energy of the Page of Swords will be clear and concise, and because of this, you will find that your message is swiftly received.



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