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General Reading for the Collective December 26th

Good morning!

It's time to get your groove back, to get inspired—to feel passionate! When you let go of expectations and enjoy the ride, the energy you create and transmit out into the universe will draw to you the positive powers of the Star.

The Crow Tarot starts us off this morning with that super flirty, charming, and romantic energy of the Knight of Cups. With the Knight present, you may be feeling more emotionally connected to those you encounter today. People who you once found boring are suddenly engaging and electric. The Knight of Cups may manifest itself as someone who sweeps you off your feet, or it may be you who is out there spreading the cheer. There is but one warning with the Knight —he likes his freedom. Because of this, it is essential not to expect the Knight to be a permanent fixture. If the fling becomes steady, it needs to be of his choosing; otherwise, any unyielding expectations can transform all those high vibration good feelings into low vibration resentment. Enjoy this energy for what it is, an opportunity for you to feel romance and love as these feelings will draw more reasons to feel those emotions, albeit it may not be with the Knight. The Knight will get you up and dancing, and the exuberance and playfulness you exhibit as a result will lead to you attracting someone or something new.

The Wise Dog arrives as if called by the Knight bringing with it the Star! As a result of letting your hair down, getting out there, and connecting with people, you will find new opportunities illuminated. The Star helps you hold in your heart and, in your mind, reasons to stay optimistic, and as a result, you send out a powerful message that you are open to expanding your potential. With the Star present contradictory emotions that hinder progress are kept at bay so that you can focus your energy on ideas and actions that move you forward.

The cats bring to us the Queen of Pentacles in the advice area of today's reading. When you connect with someone who brings to your situation intense positive energy, someone who helps you create strong feelings of happiness, you will be able to use that energy to manifest something new. Let yourself feel protected at this time, as there is plenty of support in this material world for you to be the creator of your life. Now is not the time to worry about what isn't present or what is lacking, as the Star is helping you uncover the resources that are there for you to use. The Queen of Pentacles is loving motherly energy who wants nothing more than to see her children succeed. If you take a chance on an idea or something you want to accomplish, with the Queen present, she asks that you not focus on what is missing as she will ensure that you have what is required. As Paulo Coelho says, “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”



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