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General Reading for the Collective December 27th

Your brilliant solution or creative endeavor may be on the verge of attracting attention and admiration. When you resist the urge to hold on tightly to your creativity as if it is something you own, you will find inspiration will flow more smoothly.

The Six of Wands from the Crow Tarot all but flew out of the deck this morning! A sense of victory, of accomplishing a goal is open to you at this time. If you bring an idea or a creative solution to the table, shine a light on your talents, not only will you help solve a problem your efforts will be very much appreciated. This is a time to connect to your inner genius that little creative mastermind who resides within all of us as this source of inspiration has a direct line to the divine.

The energy attracted to the Six of Wands at this time is Temperance as the Wise Dog brings together the material and the spiritual worlds. When you partner with your inner-genius, appreciate the value it brings to your life; you will find that your creativity will flow like a glacial river in the spring, and as a result, you will maintain your position in the victory circle.

The cats of the Grimalkin Tarot, knowing that us humans have a knack for letting our ego come in and muck stuff up, offer a bit of a warning. Be humble and grateful for the inspiration you receive. You can't force your inner-genius to work when it doesn't want to, you can't be a tyrant and force inspiration. When you try to take control of a situation or over-think too much, growth becomes stunted as you are using all your energy to focus on fighting and holding that coveted position of being in the victory circle. When you connect with spirit, the river of ideas runs smoothly and abundantly, when you focus on trying to control or forcing creativity, it is like a giant dam is constructed and the ideas dry up.

With Temperance at the center, the call here is to find balance, practice gratitude, and develop a loving relationship with that sweet little genius within you.



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