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General Reading for the Collective December 31st

Good morning!

It's one thing to have a single card repeat from the day before, but two—ok cards, you have my attention!

In case the message wasn't clear yesterday, the Crows return this morning with the Five of Cups. There is something that is pulling your focus or attention, and it isn't helping you progress. This distraction creates a greater risk in that when we don't appreciate what we have, we may lose that as well.

The Wise Dog comes forward this morning, and like yesterday brings another sword card. The Three of Swords will create an opening for you to understand that time has run out concerning a situation or event. The cups have fallen, and regardless of what happens next, that event can not be undone. The Three of Swords asks that you let go of past events so that the healing process can begin. With the new year on the horizon, the message is to accept the passage of time.

AND, once again the cats bring forward the Knight of Wands! If you have been in a rut lately as a result of the energy caused by the Five of Cups, it may be time to lean into this confident go-getter energy of the Knight of Wands when the energy shifts to the Three of Swords. The charming, ever fearless Knight of Wands will not allow you to stay in a slump for too long as there are many more exciting things to focus on. When you travel into the new year with the Knight of Wands, you will do so with gusto, with passion and courage!



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