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General Reading for the Collective January 10th

Good morning!

Before you hope on to that Chariot, it may be a good idea to know where it is you would like to go. You wouldn't flag down a taxi and expect the driver to just take you where ever it feels like going, right? The Hermit in the advice position brings the message to take time to connect with the wisdom you have within. You may have a vague idea, a general direction where you want to go, but sometimes life is so chaotic and noisy that our inner-voice the one that distinguishes what is best and what will keep us comfortable becomes drowned out.

When you know your goal and understand the action that is required to complete it, then the power of the Chariot will be most beneficial. The Empress arrives to help you nurture your dreams so that they have a greater chance at survival. Much like a mother caring for her children, you will nourish your desires so that they can grow up and not only bring joy to you but also others as well.



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