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General Reading for the Collective Nov 11th

Good morning!

When you find your strength, you will unlock the door for the Hermit, and with it, the wisdom needed to recognize that a situation is not as beneficial as you once believed. Although it may be difficult to walk away, in the end, there is more potential for fulfillment if you allow a new journey to unfold.

The cats start our week with the Strength card, indicating that the energy surrounding us right now is supportive—offering us with that little extra boost of confidence that will come in handy. A current situation at work or maybe a relationship may require you to muster up some courage to articulate your plans or desires, especially if the person in control of your future is someone less than "approachable" or generally focused on their needs first. If you lean into the energy of Strength, you will discover that you have the skills to maneuver through a challenging situation without causing any stress or hard feelings.

Also, when you allow yourself to walk in grace, to see yourself as deserving without letting your ego to control the matter, you will encounter the wise and calming presence of The Hermit. It is here that you will begin to see or understand your situation from a place of clarity and without judgment. It is here that you will gain an awareness of your situation without allowing your ego to control the narrative.

The Six of Swords arrives in the advice position, and the wisdom the cats bring is to recognize that although you experience some regrets, you are moving in a new and more positive direction. The goal you may have once had, although possible to achieve, may have been one not worth the effort or would have been too risky for what you would have received in the end. When you move forward with the supportive energies of Strength and The Hermit, you will find that there is a more significant potential for you waiting in the future.



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