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General reading for the collective Nov 22nd

Good morning!

Wow, it has been a while, but now that the Wise Dog Tarot Guidebook/Journal is DONE, I can get back into the swing of things. I work best and most efficiently when I have tunnel vision as that is how I complete projects; otherwise, I am very much like a crow and easily distracted by shiny objects or like a dog—rabbit holes!

This morning because it has been so long since I have visited with my beasties I decided to use all three decks—they play well together nicely.

The cards bring a move in a positive direction, one that will inspire fresh ideas and creating something new that you feel a desire to watch over and nurture. Let those who have been down the road before share their wisdom as you may find that the lessons they offer will help you move forward without making avoidable mistakes.

The Crow Tarot brings us the Three of Wands, and much like that crow sitting on an abandoned dock looking out across the water, you too may be looking forward to something new. The energy with us at this moment is one of optimism for the future. You may not know for sure what lies ahead, but that okay because there is a general knowingness that all will be good that everything will work out one way or another. The star on the Three of Wands is a message to stay positive, as you will find there are reasons to be hopeful.

The Wise Dog brings us The Empress, and this is the energy that you are attracting thanks to the vibration you are sending out with the Three of Wands. You will discover something that will make you feel maternal, nurturing, and supportive. Perhaps a new idea is beginning to grow, or it may be a relationship, or it may even be a new birth in the family that has you watching over something or someone with loving eyes.

The Grimalkin Tarot brings the Hierophant and the advice to learn as much as you can about the thing that you want to develop. Immerse yourself in knowledge as it will help you direct your actions and energy in the best possible direction while at the same time avoiding errors or missteps. This is an opportunity to learn from the mistakes others have made so that you can move forward more quickly.



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