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General Reading for the Collective Nov 27

Good morning!

We are presented with the energy of the Nine of Cups this morning, and this would suggest that there are plenty of reasons to be thankful as we move into the holiday weekend here in the states. Your hard work and determination have or are paying off. Lean into this feeling, even if you aren't there 100% because doing so will send the message of gratitude out to the Universe, and in return, it will send back more reasons to be grateful! Of course, the Nine of Cups, like all of us, has its flaws in that this energy makes it easy to slip right passed grateful and into smug or critical. This crow may be feeling content with all it has achieved, but deep down, it can have a less than compassionate attitude of "I worked so hard to get where I am, why can't everyone!" Because humble—the Nine of Cups often is not!

The Six of Pentacles arrives just in time for dessert and brings perhaps a bit of a challenge. Can you offer support to someone who would greatly benefit from the hard work you put in to gain the resources and wisdom you now possess without any strings? Can you set aside that smug and critical side of the Nine of Cups to be of service? You may be tempted to ask for something in return or to see the situation as purely a strategic investment; however, doing so may cause some mixed signals to the Universe. Are you grateful and capable of sharing what you have acquired or are feeling stingy?

The Grimalkin Tarot brings us the message of the Ace of Cups in the advice position. You will benefit from opening your heart to someone in need of your assistance. The energy of the Ace of Cups will help you enter a state of feeling connected to source energy, and because of this, when you tap into this energy, your ego will take a long nap and won't interfere with your ability to extend kindness and compassion. Although the recipient of your resources or wisdom may not repay you for your service, because of the message you broadcasted loud and clear with your heart and your intentions rest assured the Universe will.



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