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General Reading for the Collective Nov 4th

Good morning!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as we move into the darker time of the year.

This morning we have the MEOW spread, which speaks to our motivation—what is the goal you are working towards? The E represents an external influence that is either helping or hurting our progress. Next comes the O or obstacle that is in the way, and finally, we have the W for the wisdom the cats bring to our situation.

The Moon arrives in the M area, indicating that your motivation may not be what you project to others it is. You may say that you want to work things out with a less than great partner because you love them, but really, the motivation is that you are afraid of going it alone. In regards to work, you may put in extra effort at a job you hate because you want a promotion, but really the motivation behind the work is a fear of losing your financial security. Only you know where this fear resides, and with the Moon sitting here this morning, today may be a good time to grab a notebook and let a bit of that wildness out of its cage so that you can identify it.

The Ace of Cups arrives as an external influence. Allow time and open your heart to someone who will resist the urge to judge and who will allow you time to work through your fear. They will provide you comfort without criticism, space to wander around your thoughts without injecting theirs, and time to explore what exactly is motivating you. This person may be a good friend or may appear out of the blue—whoever it is, they will help you connect with the divine energy that is within you.

The Ten of Wands is the obstacle. In your heart, you know what you desire; however, you may feel that the path to get there is too difficult or cumbersome to manage. Although there is help available to you, it may take some creative thinking to recognize it.

The final card is W for wisdom and the cats all but confirms that fear of losing something is behind your motivation. You may be missing a more significant opportunity or limiting your potential because you are resistant to let go of something that provides a sense of comfort. What is your personal Four of Pentacles, what is it you are holding on to for dear life?



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