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General Reading for the Collective November 12th

Good morning!

Have you ever made something more complicated than it needs to be just so that you can have an excuse for not having to make a big decision? At first I thought the Hanged Man was just a mere hang up in events because someone wasn't available or able at this time to move ahead, however what I am getting here is that although sure there may be other people involved at the core it may be the vibes you are sending out (or the direct messages) that have other people holding off.

The Hanged Man in the present position points to a current state of limbo that you may be experiencing. This may be thanks to someone not being in the office this week, or it may be because you have given a signal that you are uncertain or aren't fully committed to moving ahead even if your words say you are, your actions may speak otherwise. For example, you may say you want a promotion but are the first to leave at the end of the day. What may be triggering this isn't laziness, but instead, your subconscious sabotaging your success.

The Two of Wands appears as an external influence and suggests that the decision you may be significant and will impact others. It may be a desire to keep the peace or an uneasiness around asking someone to bend a little so that you can have your way that is causing a slow-down.

The Ten of Wands in the advice area tells me that perhaps the situation is one that doesn't need to be so difficult, yet you are making it so to avoid making a big decision. There is help out there if you pay attention, and there is guidance available to you from your higher-self as there is no need to make something more complicated than it needs to be.

When you use your creative mind for problem-solving instead of problem-creating, you will find that things will move forward, and progress will be welcomed instead of feared.



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