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General Reading for the Collective November 26th

Good morning!

Your hard work and contribution to a greater good are getting attention. The call this morning is for you to direct your focus and your energy on stepping into the well-earned victory circle. Your thoughts transform into action, and if you feel empowered, you will feel your creativity soar as you consider future steps that will help you progress in your developing role. If there are areas that you think need work, learn as much as you can as you will be expected to share your wisdom.

The Crow Tarot in the present energy brings us the Six of Wands. You may be in a position today to be admired for your cleverness or ideas that not only serve yourself but also those around you. Because of this, there is an air of triumph swirling about, and when you lean into it, when you allow yourself to soak up that positive energy that comes from being recognized for a job well-done your vibration will increase and as a result you will broadcast to the Universe that you are enthusiastic for more opportunities for growth and success.

The Wise Dog brings us the Six of Wands AGAIN, strengthening the energy, and because of this, more opportunities will arise that will enable you to hold your position as a leader, one who inspires and is respected for being generous with knowledge. The Six of Wands in this position is a reminder that we attract to us what we concentrate on. When you combine empathy and a desire to help others, with a healthy dose of faith in the Universe and add in some positive life choices, you will hold your position in the victory circle without much friction or distress.

The Hierophant in the advice position is a message to keep learning, as there is always something new to discover that will help you hold your place. In return, you will be looked up to and admired by those who have started down their own path to discovery. When you sit in the victory circle with confidence, you will inspire others as well as be a valued teacher for those who want to learn.



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