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General Reading for the Collective November 9th

Good morning!

Today the cats bring a bit of a warning that we may not be tapped into our inner-high priestess, and because of this, we may be making more work or difficulty for ourselves when it comes to partnering with someone on a project or idea.

This morning's reading is using the MEOW spread and starts off with the motivation behind your actions. With the Lovers in this position, your motivation stems from your beliefs. What do you hold sacred? What values or self-identifiers define you? What opinions do you hold so tightly that you will not barter them away? The Lovers also gives you the awareness that your views are just that yours and others may have opposing beliefs that none-the-less you may need to work with for progress to happen. The motivation here is to move ahead without giving up or giving in when it comes to what you value.

The Nine of Wands arrives as an external influence. You have been working hard to get as far as you have—but there is another challenge on the horizon. This one may be especially trying and might cause you to doubt the journey itself. The message this card offers is to take time, allow for rest as you will have the strength and stamina to continue if you allow yourself some downtime and a bit of reflection. When you look back at all you have accomplished, sure you may have hit some snags along the way, but you have come so far and have achieved so much already that a slight break in the action will not cause harm.

The obstacle arrives this morning as the High Priestess. She may be sending you sign after sign; however, if you aren't tapped into her energy, chances are you aren't picking up what she is putting down! The biggest obstacle you are facing at this time is a detachment from your spirit and your intuition. You may be feeling uncertainty as a result, and because of this, you may not move in the direction that would best serve the greater good.

The wisdom that cats offer comes from the Hermit. It is time to reconnect with your wise higher-self. Take a break from the action and seek out a quiet place so that you can reconnect with divine energy as that is where you will find the guidance you need (as well as your inner high-priestess) so that you can move forward to the next task without causing a break or damage to a relationship.



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