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General Reading for the Collective October 22nd (Grimalkin Tarot)

Good morning!

If you are feeling a bit hazy today and uncertainty may have you feeling stuck or indecisive, no fear there is a breeze coming, and it will clear away any fog!

With the Two of Swords in the present position, although you may have a goal or an idea that you want to go after, you may not know at this time which direction to move in or how to start. You may be waiting for some information that will make taking the first step all the easier. The crows on this card represent your intuition; it is that part of you that knows how to get the information you need to move ahead; however, there is a thick fog that is blocking the connection. The Two of Swords can point to feeling stuck and fearful, you may be leary of making a misstep, and because of this uncertainty, no action may be what is best until you feel more confident.

Confidence does come, and it will be in the form of an AH-HA moment thanks to the Ace of Pentacles. You will find clarity, and the path forward will become apparent. The Ace of Pentacles sits in the near future position, bringing to your current situation a bit of relief as you will find that the fog will lift, and you will be able to understand your situation and what steps will be required to get things progressing.

The Eight of Wands arrives in the advice position, and the message this fluffy white cat brings is to brace yourself as opportunities are going to come at you quickly! You may need to make decisions without all the facts, as there will be no time to examine or analyze. Trust your instincts (like the swallows on the card...) and go with the flow as it will lead you to success!



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