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General Reading for the Collective October 23rd (Grimalkin Tarot)

Good morning!

There is an energy looming about today that may make it easier for you to focus on what isn't working or what is no longer there, and because of this, you may find that you are slipping into a space that fosters negative feelings. Although you probably have a lot to be grateful for, at this time, those things may just be in the background and not calling your attention as loudly. Perhaps it is because of this direction in focus that you find yourself sending out the signal that you crave something new or you desire to change your situation. An opportunity is on the horizon, and with it, you may find that your beliefs shift or expand so that you increase the potential for change. When you stay busy and focused on moving forward, you will keep the blues at bay, and your energy level will rise.

If your job has lost its luster or excitement, if you are missing a relationship, or your start-up is feeling more "down" than up, today will be the day where you will find yourself devoting a great deal of energy to something or an idea that once was, but is no more. The Five of Cups can leave us focused on what is lacking in our lives instead of all the good things that surround us. Although generally it is not advised to sit around and complain about what isn't working in your life, today, however, it may just be that in the wallowing, you discover a pathway out. Sometimes when we become so frustrated, we allow ourselves to be more open to solutions.

The Hierophant at the center of today's reading indicates that an opportunity to learn is coming, and this will help you redirect your attention as you acquire new skills or gain new wisdom in an area of interest.

The Two of Pentacles brings the advice to stay active, stay busy! When you keep moving, you will be too distracted to focus on what isn't there as you need to keep your attention on what is!

Despite the low vibrational energy that the Five of Cups is bringing to today's reading, I feel the cats offer us a message of growth and renewal of sorts as a shift is coming that will have you learning more, gaining wisdom, and improving a situation that may have run its course.



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