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General Reading for the Collective October 24th (Grimalkin Tarot)

Good morning!

If you feel as though a shift is needed, the energy that is surrounding us at this moment will be one that will help you move into that direction. When you examine your life and own the past while at the same time commit to taking action for a brighter future, you will attract an opportunity. Yes, there may be some regrets as you might need to leave something that you had once longed for in the past, however where you are traveling will lead to a greater sense of peace and balance.

At the present time, Judgment is bringing an energy of change, of ownership, and renewal. If you are a cat, you may want to consider this one of your nine lives. The energy is just right to make a significant shift, and you will find support, whether that be in friends and family, or the Universe when you decide to let go of the past and move into the future.

The Knight of Pentacles brings a new opportunity in the near future as a result of your recent transformation. This opportunity will not be swift, but it will provide solid grounding as you grow into a new life. As I mentioned in the video, it is the fruit that is the last thing to grow from a seed, and patience will be required for you to fully realize the potential you now possess.

The Six of Swords arrives this morning in the advice position. This card reaffirms that you are moving in a better direction as a result of a transformation. The water will no longer be choppy, and smooth sailing is just ahead. Sure, you may have some regrets, but those regrets are connected to a time that may have been tumultuous. There is a warm light on the horizon, and it is waiting for you to sail forward.



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