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General Reading for the Collective October 25th (Grimalkin Tarot)

Good morning!

The Ace of Pentacles moves into the present position bringing with it an opportunity that will bring clarity as you plan the life you wish to achieve. The energy is ideal today to connect with your higher-self because when you do, that is when you will realize what steps will be required for you to move into a place that you wish to be.

The energy of the Fool is on the horizon, and because of this, you may encounter someone who will test your commitment or someone who will project their fears and cause you to question your path. The message the Fool offers here is to have faith, stand tall, knowing that you are moving in the right direction. Acknowledge the dangers that may be lurking about, but remember that you have the resources to move through them.

The Hanged Man arrives in the advice position with the message that sometimes things just take time. Connect with the Fool and allow for patience with an understanding that you are heading in the right direction. Sure, things can take time, and perhaps you encounter a hiccup along the way that takes you out of your comfort zone. Use this time to examine your situation from all angles, as you may find that there is more than one road to your destination.



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