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General reading for the collective October 26th

Good morning!

Today I am doing a new spread for the Grimalkin Tarot - the M.E.O.W. spread. Let me know what you think!

We start off with M for motivation. What is motivating you this morning? The Page of Swords arrives, bringing an energy that supports speaking your truth, of standing up for what is right, and having the confidence to stand by your beliefs. You may be motivated by someone running for office, or it may be that you are standing up to your boss to demand that the work you contribute is recognized by a raise or promotion.

The E in this reading brings the external influences that are out of our control. Here we have the Five of Wands, and with it, you may feel as though other people want to insert their opinions or ask you to fight their battles as well. You may be feeling a bit pulled in several directions with the Five of Wands coming at you.

The O is for the obstacle that is of your own making. The Eight of Pentacles suggests that what may be holding you back from fully realizing the power the Page of Swords brings is a fear that you aren't perfect enough to stand up and speak your truth. Although others look to you for your talents and knowledge, you may be selling yourself or your skills short, and as a result, you may not be wielding that sword as mightily as you could be.

The W is for wisdom, and the cats bring to us the Three of Wands. You have a solid history behind you, let that be your wall or your strength to lean on. There is an opportunity that is coming, but it will require you to have patience and faith that it is out there. The light on the other side of the mountains is shining for you. As I mention in the video, the little red flowers that grow on the Saguaro only bloom after the cactus grows arms, and that can take years, but nonetheless, they do bloom because that is their destiny.



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