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General Reading for the Collective October 28th

Good morning!

Yesterday the Crows brought to us in the advice position the King of Wands, today the dogs bring the heat with the Queen of Wands in the present position. Not only are we feeling extra creative and passionate about something that we are working on, as well as entrepreneurial—there is the bonus of feminine energy today that will help you bring something to life. The Queen of Wands is seductive and is capable of attracting attention as well as support from those who fall under her spell. When you tap into her energy today, the spotlight will be on you!

The Grimalkin Tarot brings the Three of Pentacles in the area of the external influences, and because of this, you may encounter a challenge that will test your inventiveness. No fear here because this is where you will get to shine, remember you are the Queen of Wands after all. The idea to solve the problem at hand may seem a bit outside the box to conventional thinkers. This exercise will show off your creativity and prove your ability to solve problems to be not only beneficial in promoting your talents, but your solution will also benefit those around you.

The Crows bring the Seven of Swords in the advice position, and here this card is a bit of a warning. Someone may interpret your stepping up as a threat or may feel as though you are showboating to advance your position. You may not win over everyone with your solutions, but you will move forward.



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