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General Reading for the Collective - October 29th

Good morning!

Today's reading is all about taking the time to rest, to gain your strength, let things grow without forcing it along, and allowing the bright warm rays of the Sun to keep your soul feeling nourished!

The Nine of Wands for the Wise Dog is all about knowing your boundaries. If you are experiencing a stressful time or involved in a project that has you wearing many hats—lean into this pup. When you take some time to acknowledge how much you have accomplished and allow yourself a little downtime without feeling obligated to keep giving more and more of yourself, you will find the strength to continue towards a goal you are working towards. In the present position, you may find it easier today to say no, to not be mean or rude, but to let others understand that your plate is full. You will have the self-awareness to recognize when to walk away from something that may leave you feeling resentful. If your plate seems to be getting more and more full as the day goes on, tap into the energy of the Nine of Wands and give yourself a bit of a break!

The Knight of Pentacles arrives in the area of the external influence and you may encounter a situation soon that you want to pounce on; however the message the Knight brings is to have patience. The seeds you planted so long ago as not ready for harvest, but in time they will be, and only then you will truly reap the benefits. If you try to force things along or quit before the time is right, what you get out of the situation may not be as fruitful as it could be.

The Sun arrives via the Crow Tarot in the advice position. Let the warm rays energize your spirit! The right path will be illuminated, pay attention to areas where you feel drawn as that is where the light of the Sun is directing you.



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