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General Reading for the Collective October 30

Good morning!

A new path is emerging, and as a result, you may need to make a decision—one that has the potential to cause some friction. Keep your eye on your goals and what it is that you want to achieve because when you have a clear vision for what your future looks like, you will be able to articulate your plans in a way that will ensure that harmony is maintained.

The Ace of Wands starts us off the morning, representing the energy that we are working with at the present moment. The skies are clearing, and a path is forming. You may find an opportunity that will make you feel more grounded or secure is presenting itself to you, and as a result, there is a more significant potential for moving into a new successful phase of your life.

The Two of Wands arrives in the external influences. With every decision, every action, there will be some form of a reaction. If you make a power play, you may find that your world will fall out of balance. The Two of Wands arrives this morning to let you know that the impact of your decision is one that will have a more noticeable effect in regards to your life and your relationships. Are you making a decision based on your needs alone or are you considering those who may be impacted by it?

The Ace of Pentacles arrives in the advice position. Allow time to clearly construct in your mind what it is you hope to achieve. What does your future look like? If you see yourself maintaining a relationship, you will be able to articulate your plan in a way that will ensure that all parties recognize the benefits.



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