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General Reading for the Collective October 31st

Good morning and Happy Halloween -

Well, the Ten of Swords was not the first card I wanted for this holiday, but perhaps someone may remove the costume they have been wearing to reveal themselves for who they really are, and in doing so, it may sting. On a positive note, however, this event will open the door for you to connect with someone who wants to spend time playing and enjoying your company. Don't waste time focusing too much attention on something or someone who isn't worthy of your admiration and remember that there is more to you than one single event.

The Ten of Swords starts us off this morning. A quick side note, this was one of my favorite cards to create for this deck, despite the meaning because it brings a rebirth. You may find a situation that will create some pain, heartache, and a hardening of your spirit, but if you choose to see the light, you will discover that there is still much growing going on within, and with that, there is hope. Today the Ten of Swords suggests that a relationship or a situation may come to an end, that someone may betray you in a way that you will prevent you from forever seeing this person without knowing what they are capable of. You may encounter some lousy and hurtful behavior this evening from a partner who is merely revealing their true nature, and it isn't good.

The Four of Wands comes to us as an external influence, and although you may be feeling the painful sting of a bad breakup there is someone there in the wings just waiting for an opportunity to show you that they recognize and value all that you have to offer, that you indeed are a goddess! As cats have nine lives, this is your time to move into a new life with a new relationship or situation that will keep your spirits high as you are appreciated.

The cats bring advice in the form of the Five of Cups, and the message here is to not spend your evening or your life grieving over someone who frankly isn't worth it as you have an opportunity to feel an abundance of love and appreciation if you pay attention.



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