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Grimalkin Tarot Reading for the Collective October 20th

Good morning!

Support is coming for a passion-project!

The current energy we are working with today is the Queen of Wands. This intense, confident, feminine energy brings to your Sunday enthusiasm and passion for something that is of your making. You are in command of an idea, and because you are committed to seeing its success. Within you, there is a knowing, you can see and understand each step to take with incredible detail. In addition, the Queen brings a fiery quality that will help you articulate your plans to others so that they too, get excited and want to help you succeed.

Enter the King of Wands in the near future position. This dashing and charismatic fellow will help you see areas where improvement will take your idea beyond your expectations. The King is clever and will present new approaches and a fresh perspective that will help propel you even further.

The Queen of Pentacles arrives in the advice position bringing with her a feeling of security. Have faith that when you go after your dream, you will be taken care of in the material world. This is not a time to focus on lack or scarcity but rather on all the resources you have at your disposal.



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