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Grimalkin Tarot reading for the Collective October 21st

Good morning!

You may want to let loose and play instead of doing work today; however this is not the time for your inner-child to take over. While I am ALWAYS a fan of enjoying life with the free-spiritedness of a kid, there are times when it can get you into trouble, and this may be one of those times.

The Six of Cups is all about playing around, letting loose, forgetting about the realities of life, and just soaking up all the good stuff the world has to offer. The Six of Cups is about having a play-date with your inner-child—running free, and putting off the banalities that come along with adulthood and stimulating the "fun" sector of your brain. We all need those moments, as they fuel our spirit and keep us from slamming our head into our monitors at work, however...with the Hanged Man in the center, the message here today is you can't have your cake and eat it too.

The Hanged Man represents the energy that is coming to you as a result of your current actions, and because the emphasis may be a bit too much on play and letting go of responsibilities, you may find yourself in a holding pattern. Your boss may be less likely to give you a new assignment or promotion out of concern that you may be too focused on having fun and less on work. If you are in a relationship, the Hanged Man may represent a step back in a commitment as a result of the less-than-serious Six of Cups.

The advice the cats bring to today's reading is the Five of Swords, and it serves as a warning. When you give your inner-child too much control and allow for responsibilities to be brushed aside because they aren't as much fun, you may risk being perceived by those around you as selfish. You may be creating a barrier of sorts that prevents those around you who want to have you as part of their team, feeling as though you aren't as committed to a common goal.

The Hanged Man will bring you an opportunity to see areas where you will benefit from finding a balance between work and play—between being serious and committed as opposed to fun and reckless. You may feel stuck for a short time, however, in the end, it will offer you the perspective that will help you avoid being seen as something I am sure you are not (the Five of Swords.) :-)



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