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SPECIAL extended Wise Dog Reading for the Collective August 25-Sept 1st

Good morning!

Because I am going away for the week with limited if any cell service or wifi, today's reading is an expanded week-long reading for the collective. :-)

Sunday, we start off with the Ace of Wands. Perhaps a new journey or new path is about to unfold. This may be a chance meeting with a new employer or an idea to look around at what other options you may have. Pay attention to the signs or signals you get today as they will be divinely sent.

Monday the Devil arrives - Makes me think of that Bob Geldolf song I Don't Like Mondays. And boy did this send me down the rabbit hole...the story of this song is absolutely fascinating - check it out here.

Ok now back to the summary...

The Devil is going to drag you down on Monday as he tries to dampen any feelings of hope that the Ace of Wands brought on Sunday. This may be that you second guess your skills, or slip into inaction out of fear thanks to some limiting belief. The Devil may also be there egging you on to partake in some self-destructive behavior that may derail any forward progress initiated by the Ace of Wands.

Thankfully the Devil is pretty temporary here as the Page of Swords comes in on Tuesday to cut through the negative energy the Devil tried to tie you down with. It is on this day that you will find it easier to conjure up a clear vision for what you want and articulate your plans in a way that is passionate and persuasive. You can now clearly see those around you who have become jaded or who have lost that lust for life and recognize that much like zombies, they want you to join them—but that isn't happening.

The Ace of Pentacles arrives on Wednesday, and this is where you can tap into that energy of a child that supports seeing the world as a place of wonder. Anything and everything is possible for you. There is a feeling of innocence with the Ace of Pentacles, as you breathe life into a situation.

Thursday there will be a positive conclusion to something that you have been working on for some time. Enjoy this moment and celebrate an ending that will no doubt lead to a fabulous new beginning.

The Knight of Swords comes in on Friday, and with it, you will feel even more powerful. Your beliefs are firm and unwavering. This may be a beneficial time for you to cut any ties with anything or anyone connected to the Devil energy.

If you have beliefs that keep you tied to people who do not appreciate your strengths and talents, you may feel an extra boost of chutzpah at your disposal to draw upon.

The Eight of Cups arrives on Saturday bringing with it a time of reflection. What do you want and where do you want to go? On this day you may be able to recognize areas that aren't serving your highest good right now, and because of this, you will feel more open to exploring new ideas or paths. You may be feeling an extra dose of melancholy this day as you contemplate the long winding road ahead.

On Sunday you find Justice, and with it balance will be restored.

The Crows brought back the Ten of Swords for advice card and the message I got with this card is that yes there may be a time during this week where you feel as though someone has betrayed you, however that will be what will spark action as the Devil arrives, but his energy is quickly muted by the Knight of Swords. Focus on the transformation that comes from the Ten of Swords, the new or fresh start that comes from a problematic or painful ending as that is the direction you are moving towards.



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