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Wise Dog general reading for the collective Aug 6th

Good morning!

The energy we are working with this morning is one that may make it easy to fall into a trap. We may risk losing ourselves as a result of being a bit too open-hearted or emotional when it comes to a situation or a relationship. Although it is lovely to give your heart to something, however, if you are not in control of the situation, it can become a problem. The Empress asks that you consider creating something new, bringing something into this world that will benefit yourself as well as others. This is a time for you to let go of the role of follower and take on the position as a creator.

The Page of Cups in the present position indicates a period of feeling connected to new ideas and allowing for experiences that you may have brushed off in the past. This is a time for feeling deeply touched by a cause or connecting with someone new on a deeper, more profound level. It is here that you become emotionally invested, and because of this, you may be putting your logical mind aside while your heart leads the way.

The Devil at the center of today's reading indicates that whatever or whoever the energy connected with the Page of Cups represents, you may be giving a bit too much of yourself, you may be losing a bit of your power or changing who you are to fit who they want you to be.

The Empress arrives to remind you of your nobility—of your ability to experience the beauty of life, to be a creator, not just a follower. This is a time to enjoy the world that surrounds you in all its magnificence and to do so freely without compromise. You are the one in control of what you bring into this world, and it needs to be detached from the energy of the Devil.



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