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Wise Dog Reading for the Collective Aug 7th

Good morning!

Are we clever enough to break free from our attachment to the Devil? The path to freedom will come from connecting with others, to see each of us as divine creatures. This is a time to stop the division and start recognizing that we all are here on this planet together.

The Devil arrives in the present position indicating that we are caught up in something that is keeping us from experiencing life—from reaching our potential because the attachment we are chained down by feeds something within. This may be our fear of getting out of a comfort zone, it may be our own insecurities, it may be our prejudices—whatever it is—the energy of the Devil is providing a constant slow drip of negativity.

The Seven of Swords comes forward as an external influence, and this event will have you asking yourself if you are smart enough to free yourself from the grips of the Devil. Are you using your intellect to problem solve your way out the chains of addiction? If life is a game, how you are playing? Are you playing fairly with integrity—are looking to exploit the weakness of your opponent?

The dogs bring us the Ace of Cups in the advice position, and the call here with this card is to connect with others on a spiritual level. This is our ability to recognize that the person sitting next you is here on this planet just as you are and deep down there is more that is similar than what is different. It is time that we help foster the areas that we agree on and create more opportunities that offer positive interactions. This I am sure will not be a short journey by any stretch of the imagination, but it is one that we need to begin now.



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