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Wise Dog Reading for the Collective August 5th

Good morning!

The energy we are working with this morning is one of finding calm during a time of turbulence. It is allowing for events to unfold without reacting in a way that creates more stress and drama. You may need to find balance when it comes to your resources as a result of this time and although fear may have you wanting to hold your resources tightly however you may find that in doing so you may slip into the low vibrational energy of scarcity and lack. Allow for a little child-like wonder during this time, when you approach your situation from a place of curiosity, you will be able to stash away resources while at the same time find reasons to enjoy life.

The King of Cups arrives in the present position bringing with him the ability to transform chaos into calm. When you tap into this energy, you will find that you are able to step back emotionally from a situation so that you can understand everything going on before reacting off the cuff.

The Four of Pentacles arrives in the external influences position, and you may find that you will encounter a reason to feel concerned about your material world or finances. This is where lack and scarcity arrive to test the zen-like nature of the King of Cups. Although hoarding resources may send a signal to the Universe that in the end will slowdown financial growth, with the King creating balance and harmony it may ease your mind to stash away a little money while at the same time allowing a short time for fun.

The Six of Cups arrives in the advice position and Ithe vibe I get with this card is that although there is concern around material needs at this time you will be best served to find reasons to enjoy life, to call upon that feeling you had as a child, that part of you that wasn't stressed out by all the stuff as adults we deal with on a daily basis. When you allow for the energies to merge that come from a complicated or difficult issue and the easiness of life that comes from childhood, you will find peace, and as a result, you calm the waters.



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