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Wise Dog Reading for the Collective Monday Sept 23

Good morning!

Are you about to get into a deal with someone who may be looking to gain more than what you have bargained for?

The Six of Pentacles brings to our current situation an opportunity; however, this opportunity may have some strings attached. For example if the inlaws want to take you and your partner on vacation, it may sound like a quite the gift, however, if in the end, you find that you are at their beck and call through the trip, it may grow tiresome and feel less than a relaxing getaway.

The energy that comes in as a result of perhaps some indecision is the Hanged Man. This time of immobility may not be the worst as you try to sort out whether or not to proceed with whatever it is that is being offered to you at this time. Taking a step back may benefit you in that you will allow time to reveal what is really going on or at least offer insights into what you may be getting yourself into.

The Seven of Wands in the advice position points to you feeling a bit defensive and may be looking for a fight. Although it will benefit you to be on guard at this time, you may want to consider if you are overreacting as you are firmly placed and in a secure position.

If your hackles go up at the mere mention of this offer, let that be your guide. If you get the vibe that something doesn't pass the smell test, then trust your inner voice. The Seven of Wands has you in a good position as you will be able to clearly see what is coming at you.



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