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Wise Dog Tarot Reading for the Collective Aug 10th

Good morning!

You may be in this beautiful state of just enjoying life, allowing things to unfold naturally and going with the flow. This is time to soak up all the good feelings that come from having faith that the Universe is on your team. Sure there may be a naysayer off to the side who is cawing at you all their fears, but you will find it easy to brush their warnings aside so that you can focus on living your life how you see fit.

The Lovers arrives in the form of an external influence, and the message I get with this pair combined with the present energy of the Fool is one joining forces with someone who compliments your free-flowing approach to life. You may encounter someone who adds a little structure, and in return, you help them let loose a bit—perhaps allowing for spontaneity and weekend trips without plans or maps. When you join forces as partners, you are stronger than when you are separate, and as a result, you create more opportunities and more significant potential for success for both of you.

Justice arrives in the advice position - when you deploy the energy of Justice that is unbiased and relies on weighing all information before a decision you find your center, and as a result, you will be more receptive to the energy of the Lovers.



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