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Wise Dog Tarot reading for the Collective Aug 15th

Good morning,

The energy that is with us today is one that will help us tap into our child-like spirit. It will make slipping into moments of frivolity a bit easier as we allow our inner-child some time to play. The only problem is that our adult brain may not want to give up complete control to the kid within and will remind us of all the tasks that need to be addressed and this my friend—will stress out your inner-child. Anxiety is lurking like a monster in the closet just waiting for your inner-child to fall asleep!

Thankfully the Queen of Cups arrives just in time bringing with her a warm divine-like nurturing energy. She is almost motherly in that she has this ability to keep the peace even with two very opposing forces. When you allow the Queen of Cups in, you will find that she will help you ease any friction caused between the Six of Cups and the Nine of Swords. She will help you address issues that need immediate attention without letting stress and anxiety take over.

When you feel anxiety or stress call upon the Queen of Cups as she will help you balance and control your emotions so that you can move throughout your day with grace.



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