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Wise Dog Tarot Reading for the Collective Aug 8th

Good morning!

What a lovely reading we have this morning! The current energy we are working with is the Ace of Pentacles. The time has come to let your mind create visions for what you would like to achieve and know that with each detail you construct in your mind you are bringing that which you desire closer to you in the material world. The energy that is here with us today is one that will help you feel abundant and capable of creating prosperity. When you embrace the youthful and optimistic Ace of Pentacles, you will see how you fit into a world that offers opportunity and higher potential.

Temperance comes in as an external influence and will help you find a balance between the material and spiritual planes. You will discover Temperance will help you blend what is important to you in regards to the material world and how you move through life as a spiritual being.

The vibe I got this morning looking at these cards is that you have an opportunity to develop a clear plan—a clear picture for what you want to achieve in the material world and Temperance is going to allow you to slowly add experiences, feelings, thoughts into the mix that support that vision till eventually it transforms your life and that is where Judgment comes in.

You may have an idea for what you want to accomplish, and you may have a feeling of being secure in the material world at this moment, however there will be an event or series of events that will help you deepen those feeling as they move from being just on the surface to becoming part of who you are. Judgment asks you to see your life as a whole.



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