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Wise Dog Tarot Reading for the Collective August 12th

Good morning!

Are you letting your idea of perfection create an atmosphere that others may find hostile? Yes you want things to be perfect, and there may not be room for compromise in your eyes, however if you need the help of others to see a successful closure or victory you may want to consider if you are coming off as someone who is dedicated to a job well done or if you are becoming a dictator.

The Eight of Pentacles in the present position indicates that you are working towards perfecting something. You are dedicated to getting things just right. The question is—will it ever be good enough? Will, you ever be comfortable saying, "I'm done—here it is World."

The Knight of Swords is the energy that is coming at us and because of this the vibe I get is one that even if other people tell you how great a job you are doing, or how perfect your work is, because you have in your mind an idea of perfection that is a bit unforgiving you may dismiss their praise. In addition—not only do you brush their accolades aside, you may do so in a way that puts down that person or makes them feel as though you don't value their opinion. You may give the impression that you believe their standards are too low for them to appreciate all your flaws.

The Five of Swords comes in this morning as the advice card, and although you may be seen as clever, you may also be viewed as someone who is all about the win, about being victorious regardless of the cost.



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