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Wise Dog Tarot reading for the Collective August 14th

Good morning,

Yikes, what is going on with the cards this morning! The energy that we are drawing to us thanks to fear and anxiety is one that may leave us feeling wounded or detached from our spirit. The Knight of Wands is the key to easing any friction as it will help you heal more quickly from a traumatic or distressing event. It's time to call up your creative mind and inner-fire that contains your will and drive.

At the present time, we are working with an energy that makes slipping into a negative head-space very easy. With the Nine of Swords, the focus shifts away from all the good things going on to all the—"what if" catastrophes we perceive lie in wait. Because of this the Ten of Swords is at the door waiting to come in. You may be concerned about your job, and as a result, you create a negative atmosphere around yourself at work, and because of this, you may find yourself a target for dismal. Other people may pick up on your fears and exploit them to ensure that their position is secure.

If you are worried about a relationship, you may be extra clingy or create an energy that sends the message, I will hurt you before you hurt me and because of this a relationship that may have had a great chance of success will face an ending.

If you have been putting off something that needs to be addressed, that too may harken the Ten of Swords.

The Knight of Wands arrives in the advice position, and the message it brings to you is to summon up that fire that you have in your belly, feel confident and enthusiastic about the future. Let your creative mind construct scenarios that are not rife with disappointment and disaster so that you can perhaps find solutions that will lessen the pain of the Ten of Swords.

With the energy of the Knight of Wands present within you—it is you who has the power to be the hero of your life!



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