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Wise Dog Tarot Reading for the Collective August 16th

Good morning!

First, let me start off by saying a huge THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes — I am so grateful for such an incredible, supportive tribe!

The Sun starts us off today and well being August that seems just about right. This is a time to take in some beneficial rays and allow for the energy of the Sun to power or recharge your spirit. Think of yourself as one big solar panel absorbing and storing all the beneficial energy the Sun has to offer. Before you go out there and use the power of the Sun to your advantage you may find taking time to contemplate what it is you really want, will help you conserve your energy so that when the time comes, and you need that extra boost of confidence to shine, you have it reserved.

The Sun starts us off this morning in the present position indicating that now is the time to tap into this beneficial energy. Let the Sun shine a path that will lead you to new opportunities that will lift your spirit and create a positive feeling within. When you step into the rays of the Sun, you will feel an instant recharge, and any fear or negativity that once sat on the surface will be cleared.

The Hermit arrives in the external influence positon, and this suggests that you may have an opportunity to get away from all the commotion of day to day interactions and responsibilities so that you can focus on your needs, on what you want from your life. This will be a time of finding clarity and going inward. You will still hold the energy of the Sun, but instead of using it right away, you will be able to direct its energy in an area that will best support your goals. You find that direction from connecting with your inner-hermit.

The Four of Wands arrives in the advice position or what the dogs see that will help you on your journey... A time and a reason to celebrate is coming, as a result of your finding clarity thanks to the Hermit. When you use the power you harnessed from the Sun— you will radiate and feel confident being in the spotlight.



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