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Wise Dog Tarot Reading for the Collective August 20th

Good morning!

Is something keeping you up at night? Perhaps you are feeling stressed out about your job, or something that you have been putting off? It's funny how anxiety likes to hide and wait for the right moment to pop up. Usually, it's in the middle of the night when we are at our most helpless when we can't address the problem that has woken us up in the first place. However, in that time, when we are laying in bed contemplating the future, that is when ideas can either spark panic or change.

The Nine of Swords in the present position calls your attention to something that may be looming in the darkness, something that you may be putting off or on the other end of the spectrum obsessing over. Either way, anxiety is going to come to feed on your fear, how well it is nourished is up to you. If you are bright enough (Seven of swords sitting over there in the advice position) you may use this time to come up with new plans, new solutions using your cleverness. If you see life as a game, then anxiety arrives to let you know it is your move.

The Three of Wands arrives, born from the energy of the Nine of Swords and it brings with it a new idea—a new plan. A new path that will come into view, and although it may not offer a direct line to success—but it is there at the end, it will be one that you will receive guidance if you pay attention.

The Seven of Swords in the advice position asks that you play the game to the best of your abilities. Take your situation seriously, but have fun as well. Use your intellect to solve problems, get sharp, what is your next move, and the one after that? Are you just going along with the flow, getting what you hope you can get or—are you out for the win?



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