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Wise Dog Tarot Reading for the Collective August 23rd

Good morning!

The first thing that caught my eye this morning was how the colors for the Devil card and the Chariot are of the same color pallet. I don't make these cards in order and often bounce around between them - these two, for example, were created weeks apart. Having the color connection, the vibe I get here is that the energy of the Devil in the present position is connected to the external influence (The Chariot) perhaps because we are calling it towards us.

Are you attaching your value or self-worth to a group? If you feel a need to drive a plan or an activity to success, you may be operating from your best self as a result.

The Seven of Swords comes in the advice position and this tells me that perhaps this connection may cause you to settle for less and although working in a team can be very beneficial if there is a belief or an attachment centered around the idea that you are not capable of handling something on your own you may be missing out on a more significant opportunity. Working within a group is a great way to move things ahead as each person can contribute something of value. The message I get here though is on of depending on a team too much or not recognizing your own talents within the group—sure you may be charging ahead towards a goal at high speed, but if you don't acknowledge where your contributions matter, the success you achieve may lose a bit of its luster.



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