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Wise Dog Tarot Reading for the Collective August 24th

Good morning!

The Emperor arrives again this morning! That golden apple, whatever that looks like to you, whether it be a goal or something you wish for such as a new job, or car (—whatever it is for you) is out there and waiting for you to come up with a plan to achieve it. The energy of the Emperor is present and available to us if we want to tap into it. The Emperor brings you a clear vision and the ability to create an action plan—keep in mind, though, with the Emperor, you will be held accountable for this plan once you begin the process.

The Wheel of Fortune comes in as an external influence, and what I got here was a vision of seeing a great stone wheel being moved to reveal a doorway and a new opportunity. When you take action and put a plan into motion that comes from the Emperor, you will bring about a shift, a positive change.

The King of Cups arrives, and the message I get here with this card is one of finding harmony between your intuition and the material world, where you can ease chaos or feelings that may be stressful and volatile because you have become more connected to your spiritual self.

The example that comes to mind with this card is that of how a giant tidal wave crashes upon the shore only to recede back into the ocean slowly and gracefully.



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