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Wise Dog Tarot reading for the collective August 9th

Good morning!

When you know the rules back and forth, you will know which ones you can break so that you can move ahead more quickly. Of course, if you try to cut corners or break the wrong rules, you may find that you will slow down your progress.

The Page of Cups sits in the present position and represents the energy that is available to us at this time. You may find that you are more apt to listen to others, even those who you may have discounted or dismissed in the past. Your heart may be more open at this time as you see other people from a more accepting lens. The information you receive at this time may seem out of the box; however, it may just be the information you need to get ahead quickly.

The Hierophant in the external influences position represents tradition and the rules that are connected to long-standing beliefs of a group or community. You may find that you become challenged by regulations that were established long ago that may not seem to make sense today. When you know your history when you know what is expected of you correctly, with the help of the Page of Cups, you will understand which ones you can maneuver around quickly.

The Eight of Wands comes in as the advice, and the call here is to allow for events to unfold quickly. Use your creative mind to predict which rules hold significant value and importance and which rules are just the result of a bygone era that holds no purpose and slow progress. Use your creative mind, not in the form of defiance but rather to help others see how they hinder growth.



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